Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a professional photographer or do photograph on the side?
I am a full-time professional photographer with many years of experience in portraiture and wedding photography. I am also a fully licensed and insured business. That being said I am constantly trying to evolve and better my craft. I like to keep those creative juices flowing so I can consistently provide fresh new ideas. You are never too old to learn new things and I am always researching and practicing to be a better photographer then I was the week before.
What kind of equipment do you use?
I am a Canon girl. All my camera bodies and lens are by Canon. Although, it isn’t really about the kind of equipment you use but how proficiently a photographer can use that equipment. I do not want to bore you with the details because I could talk shop for a long time.


Do you meet people before a photo session?
It depends. For a wedding, I always meet with my couples and get to know them, and guide them throughout our journey together. It is typically a long journey so we have time to build that friendship and rapport. With portraits, it is a far shorter journey and a meeting is not necessarily needed. We do not need to be best friends in order for us to relax and have fun throughout our session. I tend to be silly and really get creative when getting you to release that genuine smile. However, if you want to be best friends… I’m down!
Will you photograph anyone?
Yes! I believe in equality and diversity. I believe LOVE is LOVE. I believe in advocating for those less fortunate. I believe in advocating for equal rights, love equality, and mental health. I would never limit myself to meeting anyone from any walks of life. You are all welcome here!
Specifically, wedding-related:
How do I reserve my wedding date?
I think it is important to meet each other prior to making the leap. This is usually done in person or via a Zoom meeting. At this time I go over the wedding agreement, answer all of your questions and get to know both of you a little better. I require a signed Photography Wedding Agreement and a 50% deposit to secure your wedding date. Remember I advocate for equality so it wouldn’t be fair to you or others to hold a date without these two things in place. My reasoning is this. I do not want to rush you into making a decision. These are photos you will be looking through time and time again. The other reason is, it would be unfair to deny another couple who is ready to reserve their wedding date. We are all friends here and I do not want to show any signs of favoritism.
How many images will I receive?
That all depends. There are many factors that play into the image count. I do my best to provide at least 100 edited photos with every elopement and wedding. Obviously the longer coverage the more you will receive. Some weddings may have a large wedding party, elaborate decor, or cultural traditions that can provide lots of photo opportunities. On the other hand, some may have a smaller wedding party, less elaborate decor, or fewer cultural traditions that might result in fewer photo opportunities.
However, there is no max limit and you will receive all of the viable edited photos from your special day. I will always give you the silly ones as well!
Will I need to provide you with a meal?
That is completely up to you. I will never deny a free meal but I will also not expect you to pay for an additional meal. I am just as happy bringing a packed lunch.
Will you have a drink or party with us?
I appreciate the invite and as fun as that sounds, I will respectfully decline. Even when I am no longer on the clock for your event I am still on the clock with my business. Drinking alcohol during and even after an event would reflect poorly on my professionalism and impair my judgment. It may be misinterpreted by your guests and it is also a liability for my business. So have one for me and enjoy your time with family and friends!
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