The Experience

Whether you are looking for portraits or planning your dream wedding, I want to make sure your experience is relaxing and enjoyable.

Let’s face it, having your photos taken can be awkward and uncomfortable. I am here to make sure that you are comfortable the entire time. We will start with some lighthearted conversation to get to know each other and what exactly you are looking for.

By the time we are ready to go, I promise I will have you smiling your most natural smiles. I tend to joke around a bit, and I love to have fun during a session. It is usually at my own expense because I am a bit of a goofball.

I am here to help with everything. Whether that is narrowing down a location (I have a list of many great ones), the best time to have a session, how much time will be needed, or even what to wear. I want you to feel confident that you will look and feel your best during your session or wedding.

About Stacey

The Photographer

I am a portrait, elopement, and intimate wedding photographer in Springvale, Maine. I was born and raised in York County, Maine so it holds a special place in my heart. I am a true Mainah even though spell check doesn’t recognize it. It can be wicked finicky that way.

I love being a goofball and cracking jokes whenever possible, but I can also be reserved and professional. I try my best to have fashion sense but miserably fail when a pair of comfy jeans and a printed t-shirt beacons me. I have a mild obsession with flip flops, flats, and Converse. I give praise to anyone who can walk in heels.

I am a sucker for 90’s love ballads and will break out in song if I hear part of a song lyric in your sentence. I am a 2 Dan Black Belt in Cheezic Tang Soo Do and continue to practice and teach the art. I am an advocate for mental health and love equality. My favorite places to be is either behind a camera or on the beach. I am a self-diagnosed outgoing introvert.

I love to travel and even though I typically photograph portraits and events within New England I am definitely not opposed to traveling anywhere for your special day!

I am interested in learning people’s stories. For me, being able to capture parts of that story is very humbling and quite an honor. I love feeling welcomed and accepted into their lives even if it is for a small moment in time.

Let me capture your story. Contact me through here or follow me on my Facebook and Instagram.

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